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Save the Date Sneek Peek (WIP)

I’ve been commissioned to design some Save the Date cards for a wedding. The theme is “peacock”.

I’ve been painstakingly hand drawing each and every feather. This is but a small section of the overall piece.

And here’s a closeup view of the colored version:

I am really starting to hate peacocks now.

And then there were foxes

My life is incomplete without my other animal obsession.

Sketchy_Gray Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 5.47.38 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 5.47.24 PM

Fabric Swatches (and a whole lot of links to buy stuff)!

So, as many of you may know, I am kind of addicted to applying my designs to physical objects. Even more recently, society6 has stopped carrying kids’ sizes, which will be a huge blow to my sales. I went in search of another print-on-demand company that does. We all know of the CafePresses and the Zazzles of the world, but I’m still a little butt-hurt my Geometric Fox design was stolen and put up for sale there. This is not their fault, but the fault of one Mattjkruse. The thief.

OOH! and FUN FACT! You can use coupon code MATTJKRUSE at my etsy shop for 15% off your order! WHAT A STEAL, amirite!?

Anyway, long story short, I have started to get REALLY into fabric swatches. Here is a closeup of my first design that will be available as wallpaper or fabric once I proof the swatches (there are about 15 different color variations of this because I have trouble making executive decisions I AM AN ADULT AND WANT CHOICES!!!).


I know, I know. It’s a kraken. Shocking, right? Well, it was that or foxes…

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 5.40.34 PM



**UPDATE** Kraken leggings are now for sale! You’re welcome!


Robot Party

Made this for my son while debating a robot theme for his bedroom.


It has been added to my society6 page so you can now have ALL THINGS ROBOT!

Geometric Fox

Trying something new. Vectored.

Geometric fox_white_small


T-shirts and other merch available here!


Here’s a second version with NO lines:


Portal/Ingress Mashup

Gotten into playing Ingress, lately. The meaning of portals has slightly changed as a result.


Commission Sale!


Q. What’s this “commission sale”?
A. I’m sellin’ shit at half price!

Q. Why?
A. Mind your business.

Q. How do you benefit?
A. You pay less for it!

If you’ve longed to have a Beth original piece to adorn your walls, storage unit, or trunk of your car, NOW IS THE TIME!

Email me and we’ll get this shit started!






Customized Wedding Invitation

Postcard invitations.




Le Petit Vader



Had this one in my brain for a while, now.

I have redone this piece about 6 times, now. Each time, something was not right. I eventually used my new Cintiq to finish this (I couldn’t trust myself to do it in traditional medium).

Finally, it is done.

I submitted a dumbed-down version of this to TeeFury in hopes that it will be made into a t-shirt. I say dumbed-down because I found out (as I was about to upload it) that there was a 6-color limit.

I used half-tones to get around that one.

The Incredible Bearded Man

Husband as a circus freak.

I’m debating on adding a glass of bourbon and some other possible tweaks.


My foray into the Children’s’ book market

Without going into a rambling story about what led to this post, I’ll make it short and sweet.

I have a friend.

I troll this friend relentlessly.

She wanted to write children’s books with me as illustrator.

She also wanted said children’s books to star her pets.


I took the liberty of drawing up some ideas.

Uh-Oh, these guys look tough, Charlie!

She's got a secret, but she's not telling!

"Bake" here means smoking marijuana.

Smokin' weed everyday

I couldn't really think of a clever euphemism for mainlining...

Downward spiral, Charlie

Let's hope it's just the flu!


It isn't.

Working titles: Charlie Dies with Dignity, Charlie Meets Death, and Charlie Hangs Around (my personal favorite).


Why is she still friends with me!?




New/old work in progress (and the problems. OH, THE PROBLEMS!)

I was rummaging through old sketchbooks when I came across an old outline (with some  india ink) of zebras playing chess. I remembered that I really was excited about this piece, but lost initiative quickly after having started it.

This happened often.

I ripped it out of the sketchbook and set to coloring it.

Then, I remembered why I stopped. The stripes that I used india ink on, had caused the highly thin/porous sketchbook page to wrinkle with fierce amazing. That’s the problem I’m still battling. Scanning it with random objects piled on top of the picture, on the scanner glass, did very little, aside from making me look very unprofessional (as if my unprofessional-ness didn’t do a good job conveying that message, already).

I also do not own an iron.

Since my Prismacolors are wax-based, I am not sure how well they would hold up against a heat source.

Maybe gamma/brightness/contrast-adjusting the hell out of this with Photoshop will magically eliminate said wrinkles.


If anyone has any tips or tricks that doesn’t involve purchasing an iron, let me know!

I have decided that adding that background (digitally) wasn’t the best of ideas. However, I uploaded it with the background so you wouldn’t see how sloppy I am in the negative space.  I’ll probably be playing around with different backgrounds while determining whether or not this piece will be officially “finished”.

I was thinking zebra-family portraits on the wall, at the very least.

Maybe a human-skin rug?

Well you know my name is Simon, and I like to do draw-rings

I’m having my bath now! Every day at five, a lady comes and bathes me!

Don’t look at my bum!

I don’t look at your bum, bum-looker!

Cheeky monkey!


Would you like to see some of my draw-rings?

Here is a draw-ring I did of a lady. She’s not wearing much clothes!

Well, it’s itme to go, I’m starting to get prune hands!

I can’t do my draw-rings when I’ve got prune hands!

Pretty soon, Lumella, the lady who bathes me, is gonna come in and make sure I washed everywhere, especially my bits and pieces!

Cheeky monkey!

Alright, goodbye everybody, bye!