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Family Photo Fun

There are several ways I cope with my recent bouts of Insomnia.

Here’s one:

Husband is now afraid to go to sleep in fear that there will be more of these when he wakes up.

He is smart to be afraid.

My foray into the Children’s’ book market

Without going into a rambling story about what led to this post, I’ll make it short and sweet.

I have a friend.

I troll this friend relentlessly.

She wanted to write children’s books with me as illustrator.

She also wanted said children’s books to star her pets.


I took the liberty of drawing up some ideas.

Uh-Oh, these guys look tough, Charlie!

She's got a secret, but she's not telling!

"Bake" here means smoking marijuana.

Smokin' weed everyday

I couldn't really think of a clever euphemism for mainlining...

Downward spiral, Charlie

Let's hope it's just the flu!


It isn't.

Working titles: Charlie Dies with Dignity, Charlie Meets Death, and Charlie Hangs Around (my personal favorite).


Why is she still friends with me!?




Kid friendly

Ok, so last time I posted was before I got myself knocked up. Now, I have a 7 month old.

My art has taken a dramatic turn towards the kid-friendly. No more penises and vaginas for this gal.

I started drawing a bunch of Alphabet flashcards with animals on them:



It started to go downhill from there.

Fuck it.

I can probably get a coloring book out of this, or something.