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Archive for October, 2013

Commission: Tattoo Design

This is a tattoo design commissioned by a friend of mine who is also a very talented artist.


She told me to tell copycats that they are bitches.

I dunno, I kinda like it, myself. I just may have to get myself inked with this, too!

winkey faaaaaace.


Sleeved Girl (Green)

Green version: Green_sleeve_for web

Art Chop

This was a fun project.

These two pieces were created specifically for the purpose of being literally kicked in half. For charity.


This one took a week of me doing it, redoing it, etc.



All in all… I started to hate it. So, at the last minute, I decided to do another:



The second probably took a total of 2 hours. Which goes to show, I work best under pressure.

Turns out, one artist dropped out of the event, so both pieces are going in to meet their doom.

Fun fact: The coordinator informed me they’ll be strapping a Go Pro onto the kicking leg in addition to the before/after pics.
That means we’ll have some fun videos, soon!

Fish ‘n Lilies



Experimentation with frisket (masking fluid).


Sleeved Girl (Pink)

This is first in a series I will be working on.  This is Pink. pink_smaller

Kraken Jewelry Box (WIP)


These are 3 versions of a Kraken piece, which will be turned into a jewelry box…





Original + shadow effect:


Different color variation:




Annnnnd here’s some WIP shots of the jewelry box:


Odd angle to show the iridescent-ness: