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Save the Date Sneek Peek (WIP)

I’ve been commissioned to design some Save the Date cards for a wedding. The theme is “peacock”.

I’ve been painstakingly hand drawing each and every feather. This is but a small section of the overall piece.

And here’s a closeup view of the colored version:

I am really starting to hate peacocks now.

Geometric Fox

Trying something new. Vectored.

Geometric fox_white_small


T-shirts and other merch available here!


Here’s a second version with NO lines:


Commission Sale!


Q. What’s this “commission sale”?
A. I’m sellin’ shit at half price!

Q. Why?
A. Mind your business.

Q. How do you benefit?
A. You pay less for it!

If you’ve longed to have a Beth original piece to adorn your walls, storage unit, or trunk of your car, NOW IS THE TIME!

Email me and we’ll get this shit started!






Le Petit Vader



Had this one in my brain for a while, now.

I have redone this piece about 6 times, now. Each time, something was not right. I eventually used my new Cintiq to finish this (I couldn’t trust myself to do it in traditional medium).

Finally, it is done.

I submitted a dumbed-down version of this to TeeFury in hopes that it will be made into a t-shirt. I say dumbed-down because I found out (as I was about to upload it) that there was a 6-color limit.

I used half-tones to get around that one.


I finally cleared off enough space on my desk to hook up the WACOM.  I was experimenting with some comic characters but instead decided to play cheerleader for Husband.






And the result:


Edit: I tried to tag these on Facebook to make use of their new feature where you can make these 5 images show up on top. I wanted his profile to show JAMES in Beth-characters, but apparently they’re too full of awesome to show the entire image. The result was a cropped version of what I had intended.

A funny result, however:

Totally looks like “SEX”.