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Save the Date Sneek Peek (WIP)

I’ve been commissioned to design some Save the Date cards for a wedding. The theme is “peacock”.

I’ve been painstakingly hand drawing each and every feather. This is but a small section of the overall piece.

And here’s a closeup view of the colored version:

I am really starting to hate peacocks now.

Robot Party

Made this for my son while debating a robot theme for his bedroom.


It has been added to my society6 page so you can now have ALL THINGS ROBOT!

Kraken Jewelry Box (WIP)


These are 3 versions of a Kraken piece, which will be turned into a jewelry box…





Original + shadow effect:


Different color variation:




Annnnnd here’s some WIP shots of the jewelry box:


Odd angle to show the iridescent-ness:



Le Petit Vader



Had this one in my brain for a while, now.

I have redone this piece about 6 times, now. Each time, something was not right. I eventually used my new Cintiq to finish this (I couldn’t trust myself to do it in traditional medium).

Finally, it is done.

I submitted a dumbed-down version of this to TeeFury in hopes that it will be made into a t-shirt. I say dumbed-down because I found out (as I was about to upload it) that there was a 6-color limit.

I used half-tones to get around that one.

The Incredible Bearded Man

Husband as a circus freak.

I’m debating on adding a glass of bourbon and some other possible tweaks.


Kid friendly

Ok, so last time I posted was before I got myself knocked up. Now, I have a 7 month old.

My art has taken a dramatic turn towards the kid-friendly. No more penises and vaginas for this gal.

I started drawing a bunch of Alphabet flashcards with animals on them:



It started to go downhill from there.

Fuck it.

I can probably get a coloring book out of this, or something.