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This is not how I envisioned this to turn out.


The more I look at it, the more I hate it.


New experiment.


A Majestic Journey

Here’s a magical picture of my friend Rachel. You may remember her from this post.

The original picture was going to be the two of us riding a winged unicorn away from Specs, but I thought that might be a little gay…


A Little Warm-Up

Was playing around with watercolor. Not a fan, not a fan.

Anyway, Death Star, amirite!?


And for some shameless self promotion: This painting is available in all sorts of different print sizes and shit, yo.

Your walls, couches, electronics, and body will never be happier.

Gigantor (heh, get it!?) Robot WIP

Here’s some random robots from a fucking ENORMOUS digital painting thing I’m working on.

I am trying to keep the final concept a surprise, because I’m pretty sure people will lose interest if I tell them what it’s gonna be.

robots_with hat





(ignore the dots, they’re for color reference)



I say it’s enormous (or GIGAAAAANTOOOOOOR (seriously, do you guys get this, or not?)) because in the past I have been making things too small, so THIS time, I used ALL THE DPI’s (or D’sPI?)! Result? I have to work on each character individually, and each of those files takes about 5 minutes to just save the damn thing!


Please don’t crash… Please don’t crash… PLEASE DON’T CRASH!


Commission for an old and very talented friend: Flotation. He does the hippity-hop.

Concept sketch:


And the final:


(Click to embiggen)

Mash Hound Treats

This was a commission done for a friend who (aside from being a quite avid home-brewer) is also making dog treats.

First, here is the concept art I sent to him:


Annnnnd the final:



And there you have it.  The treats will be on shelves soon, and website is in progress. I will update with a link when I get it.