The Aberrant Eye

art, nerdiness and incoherent ramblings

Well you know my name is Simon, and I like to do draw-rings

I’m having my bath now! Every day at five, a lady comes and bathes me!

Don’t look at my bum!

I don’t look at your bum, bum-looker!

Cheeky monkey!


Would you like to see some of my draw-rings?

Here is a draw-ring I did of a lady. She’s not wearing much clothes!

Well, it’s itme to go, I’m starting to get prune hands!

I can’t do my draw-rings when I’ve got prune hands!

Pretty soon, Lumella, the lady who bathes me, is gonna come in and make sure I washed everywhere, especially my bits and pieces!

Cheeky monkey!

Alright, goodbye everybody, bye!

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