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Tiny Paper Planes

paper airplane

Clay tentacle

This is an experimental sculpture I’ve been working on for a while. Made with a combination of paper mache and a homemade paper clay recipe. Painted with acrylic, and sealed with a polyurethane.





Now I just have to figure out how to mount it. #thatswhatshesaid #iveseenenoughhentai


Family Photo Fun

There are several ways I cope with my recent bouts of Insomnia.

Here’s one:

Husband is now afraid to go to sleep in fear that there will be more of these when he wakes up.

He is smart to be afraid.

My foray into the Children’s’ book market

Without going into a rambling story about what led to this post, I’ll make it short and sweet.

I have a friend.

I troll this friend relentlessly.

She wanted to write children’s books with me as illustrator.

She also wanted said children’s books to star her pets.


I took the liberty of drawing up some ideas.

Uh-Oh, these guys look tough, Charlie!

She's got a secret, but she's not telling!

"Bake" here means smoking marijuana.

Smokin' weed everyday

I couldn't really think of a clever euphemism for mainlining...

Downward spiral, Charlie

Let's hope it's just the flu!


It isn't.

Working titles: Charlie Dies with Dignity, Charlie Meets Death, and Charlie Hangs Around (my personal favorite).


Why is she still friends with me!?




Bear with me!

Well I’m at it again!

(Breaking stuff without really knowing what I’m doing.)

Please keep checking back!


I’m gonna break stuff!

It was bound to happen. As soon as I get in the groove of posting semi-regularly, I want change!

As soon as I figure out how to backup my WP database, I’m going to be drastically changing with look and feel of this place.

This will likely mean that I’m gonna break stuff!

In the interim, if stuff doesn’t appear to be working, let me know!


(my street name)


This one holds a special place in my heart.
It’s terrible.
One of the first acrylic paintings I’ve ever done.


I have many incarnations of this piece… a sketch I did in a spiral notebook (original),
then I made a piece out of it in a ceramics class in college.

I meant to post a scan + photo of the other incarnations… but I either misplaced them or was just too lazy to look somewhere other than my loft wall right next to my desk (where I have a lot of shit posted. (It’s like my Facebook wall, but REAL!!!!11!1one))