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My foray into the Children’s’ book market

Without going into a rambling story about what led to this post, I’ll make it short and sweet.

I have a friend.

I troll this friend relentlessly.

She wanted to write children’s books with me as illustrator.

She also wanted said children’s books to star her pets.


I took the liberty of drawing up some ideas.

Uh-Oh, these guys look tough, Charlie!

She's got a secret, but she's not telling!

"Bake" here means smoking marijuana.

Smokin' weed everyday

I couldn't really think of a clever euphemism for mainlining...

Downward spiral, Charlie

Let's hope it's just the flu!


It isn't.

Working titles: Charlie Dies with Dignity, Charlie Meets Death, and Charlie Hangs Around (my personal favorite).


Why is she still friends with me!?




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