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Azure (Blue Peony)

Azure (Blue Peony) by Beth Naeyaert

Azure (Blue Peony) | 30″ x 30″ | Acrylic on Canvas

This is the first painting in my “Rage Painting” series in which I painted a blue peony in fast, aggressive strokes. In each painting I chose to use a very limited pallet and just using the white of the canvas, light washes, and thick layers of paint to achieve the tonal values. 

Very little planning was involved in creating these pieces. Although the person or situation that inspired the rage will remain a mystery to the viewer, rest assured they are “dealt” with mentally via hypothetical conversations (and generally just fantasizing about telling that person off).  The goal is to turn those negative feelings into something beautiful. 



While the original is still for sale, high quality Giclée prints are available here





Changing Light


Tiny Paper Planes

paper airplane

Ramble On (Triptych)


Commission Sale!


Q. What’s this “commission sale”?
A. I’m sellin’ shit at half price!

Q. Why?
A. Mind your business.

Q. How do you benefit?
A. You pay less for it!

If you’ve longed to have a Beth original piece to adorn your walls, storage unit, or trunk of your car, NOW IS THE TIME!

Email me and we’ll get this shit started!






I came here to drink milk and kick ass…

I had to post this because I love The IT Crowd, and this scene is just the bees knees super hysterical


Now, if you haven’t seen the series, I recommend you do that right now. Go on, do it!
Before I start typing in all caps to convey how badly I feel you need to watch this.

You’re welcome.

SHORT stories: The Deep – PES

Saw this video and LOVED it. Combined my love of antiqued metal objects AND deep sea.

My mind has been blown! Such a creative use of everyday objects!