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Dew Drops

These photos are from the jungle we had outside the house we had rented.  I’d say with all the problems we had in that house, the jungle was the least of our concerns.

My brain is tired.

I’ll just go ahead and post some of the pictures and take a well-overdue nap.  -_-










1 down, 1,599 to go!

I finally had time to go through my external drive and copy over photos to re-edit in a higher resolution (i.e. bigger, clearer). That pretty much means going through and finding all the originals, resizing them, touching up (if necessary), and putting borders as close as I could to the edits I had uploaded years ago.

I’ve edited one, so far. Only 1,599 to go!

I cleverly also uploaded a second version (cropped), so instantly I have two photos instead of just one! HOW AWESOME AM I!?

**Answer: Pretty awesome.**

Full version:

Cropped version:

You’re welcome.

Love Where You Live pt. II

I decided to break up the previous post into two since there were two different parts of the event. One was the obvious, making the properties look more presentable and making minor repairs; the other was a sort of festival (complete with a jumpy house things and hot dogs!).

Behold! One of the few photos of people you will see from me:






I chuckled to myself when I saw this couple. HAD to take a picture :)


These faces are priceless!
(this is, by far, one of my favorite pictures)


Love Where You Live pt. I

Once upon an end-of-lease term, Beth had the bright idea that she would volunteer for the city she would soon be leaving.

She wished to accomplish a few goals:

  1. Give back to the community she was born and raised in (not court mandated, for once)
  2. Play with puppies EVERY DAY
  3. Bragging rights Personal enrichment

Well, I tried.

I did make it through 2 whole days of orientation before I just grew tired of it.

HOWEVER, during my interview to be accepted as a city volunteer, I did mention the whole “I [heart] photography” thing.  So now “unpaid photographer” is my unofficial volunteer status (as I was officially and permanently released from volunteering at the animal shelter due to non compliance with their minimum hour-per-month policy).

My first job was to shoot the Love Where You Live event hosted in a neighborhood they thought could use a little cosmetic makeover.

All in all, it was a pretty cool event. I actually enjoyed walking around with a camera while other people did the back-breaking manual labor.

Is that lazy? Oh, hell yes! But I think some of the workers were hamming it up for the camera, anyway.  Sittin’ there with their free water bottles waiting for the photographer to walk up.

Yeah, I know your game, college students.

In fact, I had little direction. Just show up at this time, and walk around. Not all homes were being “loved” upon, so it was my task to walk for hours until I saw a house with a little sign indicating that it was to have someone there at some point.

So that’s when I decided to just find a group of people and follow them around. They led me to the action.

Without further adieu, l’action:















I fail at prioritizing.

Perhaps my New Year’s resolution this year is to actually DO something productive when I get home from work.

Lofty dream, says I!

The “day job” just drains me, but I promise I will be more “updatey”, eventually. ^_^

In other news, I have a broken blood vessel in my eye. Shooting the evil eye to Husband has a whole new effectiveness. It’s…effective.

One monumental task I have assigned myself… re-photograph all my paintings in a higher res, and also re-edit all my photos so they’re not all “facebook-friendly”.  Now, they’ll be Flickr-friendly! HIGH-RES AWESOMENESS!

As a little gift so you all don’t hate my lack of posting, here’s one such re-vamped painting:

Marvin vs. Mattress
Mattresses are friendly, dim-witted, docile creatures capable of speech. They are all called Zem and live in the swamps of Squornshellous Zeta

Yes, it is inspired by the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. That is, before the movie came out and featured a more iRobot-esc-Marvin.

Of course, my visualization of Marvin created a seriously average-looking, old-school-sci-fi-esc robot….

(DISCLAIMER: I shall add here, that yes, I know he is an android, but look at him! That’s CLEARLY more robot than android. My bad. Fucking jump on my back, internets. I KNOW YOU WANT TO!)

So not having watched the OG TV series OR the movie before painting this, but being just in love with the “trilogy” (I can read!)… you get the robot that closer resembles something out of the Jetson’s. Sue me. I was raised on that shit.

SUPER AMAZING UPDATE 3/5/11: Prints for this piece will be available so soon (via my etsy which is so painfully empty atm) you can taste it!  Check back soon, or you will be disemboweled by rabid badgers while stray cats shit in your mouth (it’s super-effective).  Love, Beth

New digs (pt. I)

Well, Husband and I have been settling into our new loft apartment. We’ve been here a little longer than I care to admit, and are slowly working on unpacking while stepping over piles of broken-down boxes (and using some as makeshift tables).

In moving in, we had a vague idea of what we wanted to accomplish with our space. Since it is a loft, we don’t have rooms per se, or even too many walls. We thus have to create “zones” in the large open spaces (whatever that means).  Super-supportive Husband has come to the conclusion that I should have a perfect work space first and foremost, and then a living area can be put on the back-burner (or eliminated altogether).

With the bookshelf, couch, and an array of desks, we managed to make a really snug area for both of us to work.

It’s messy.  So as soon as I muster up the courage (motivation) to actually straighten up, I will provide pictures.


UPDATE 3/10/11: Nope. No pictures, yet.