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I started looking through old sketchbooks because sometimes I feel that shit’s better than what I’ve been doing lately (which is editing thousands of photos).

No more promises of uploading things “soon”.  I’m doing it now!

IIHusband. Doing what he does best (stealing my laptop and playing TF2 on it).

I think I adequately captured that smug look of his.

Glasses I
I think I started to think about glasses more.

Sometimes I really wish I needed some.
Other times, I’m glad I don’t.

Glasses II

sketch dump I
I believe the box pointing at the guy at the bottom would have said something about his shirtlessness.

Specifically, “boy boobs”

Because I am an adult.


waiting at bar
This one is more of a “sketch dump”, since it was meant to be part of a comic.
Husband waiting for his beer… or looking thoughtful.
Or pitiful.
Can’t really place that expression.

Another piece from that idea. This is more pitiful.
I’m pretty sure we scripted the guy on the left to be saying, “Rectum… I damn near killed ’em!”

It went over really well.

Uh… I don’t know how this one got in there.
I’m lying. I know exactly why. I uploaded it because I thought it was funny.

Potty humor: It’s super effective!

I think I just was really tickled with her expression (and the little cloud-dong).

The cloud reminds me of a special I saw (in the 90s) about using instant potatoes in ice cream commercials.  I think this would be instant potatoes with too much water or milk (or whatever you mix to make instant ‘toes).

What has been seen cannot be UNseen

Once upon a time, I was browsing the interwebs. As I ventured through the ‘tubes’ I came upon a work of art that just startled me to the core. It was very well done (technically), but the content of the image was just… stunning.

I sat there dumbfounded for a good 5 minutes before I could muster up the ability to close the window.

I’m not going to link it out of consideration of my readers.


So anyway, it inspired a quick (like lightning quick) doodle I did with deviantArt’s Muro program.

I gotta say, after using Photoshop and Painter 11, it’s a nice, powerful browser-based program! I love the sketch pen!

So anyway, here is a doodle of myself after having seen the image in question:

I was quite pleased with it, so I colored it (or attempted to, rather).

I think it turned out well, considering it was rushed and I don’t know what I’m doing.



I finally cleared off enough space on my desk to hook up the WACOM.  I was experimenting with some comic characters but instead decided to play cheerleader for Husband.






And the result:


Edit: I tried to tag these on Facebook to make use of their new feature where you can make these 5 images show up on top. I wanted his profile to show JAMES in Beth-characters, but apparently they’re too full of awesome to show the entire image. The result was a cropped version of what I had intended.

A funny result, however:

Totally looks like “SEX”.