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More fun (at poor Husband’s expense)

My poor Husband.

Now, initially, this was just meant to be a character sketch because we had been talking (for ages) about doing a mini-web-comic about some of the conversations we’ve had (although it may turn into a project that only we find hilarious).

I thought, hey, I’ll post the images on Facebook and see how it goes. Maybe I’ll get some constructive criticism!

I forgot that many of our friends/family have …unique senses of humor.

Well, here is the initial sketch:

I thought it looked pretty good, but Husband thought it could use “more beard”.

OK! So I posted it and waited.

Let the “constructive criticism” commence:

WARNING: This bit contains language.

Not for the faint at heart, children, pregnant or nursing women, my employers,  future employers, or badgers of ill-breeding.

Well, I certainly got some awesome tips with that one.

I am not one to disappoint.


I added onto the image per recommendations, however I decided to censor a little bit; I just didn’t feel comfortable drawing a dick in my husband’s mouth.

I posted the image.

Waited (not very long, mind you. They were ready!)

Touched up:

With this one, I not only added a parrot that looks like our own pet parrot, Bowser, but I added a little shading to the cowbell (for realism).

It looks like we have a winner!

All things considered, Husband was a good sport (<3 J00!).  He even showed coworkers. He must be so proud of my artistic talent!





What has been seen cannot be UNseen

Once upon a time, I was browsing the interwebs. As I ventured through the ‘tubes’ I came upon a work of art that just startled me to the core. It was very well done (technically), but the content of the image was just… stunning.

I sat there dumbfounded for a good 5 minutes before I could muster up the ability to close the window.

I’m not going to link it out of consideration of my readers.


So anyway, it inspired a quick (like lightning quick) doodle I did with deviantArt’s Muro program.

I gotta say, after using Photoshop and Painter 11, it’s a nice, powerful browser-based program! I love the sketch pen!

So anyway, here is a doodle of myself after having seen the image in question:

I was quite pleased with it, so I colored it (or attempted to, rather).

I think it turned out well, considering it was rushed and I don’t know what I’m doing.


Glowing Orbs

Glowing Orbs“Glowing Orbs”

Now, this one was based off a 5th grade drawing I had done.

Who lived there?
Sabor-tooth black leopards, that’s who!

A character my best friend and the time and I had concocted in our tiny little brains.

Firefoxes were also our my idea.
Totally gonna sue, Mozilla. Totally gonna sue.

Fish in Love

“Fish in Love” or “Fish in Lungs”?
I’ve used both titles.

Fish in Love

Basic idea was to have two fish with a heart between them to indicate love.
Then it evolved into the cartoony heart transforming in to a human heart, which lead me to placing the fish within the body in the lungs.
Fish need water, so this person is obviously expiring.

Poor guy.

Ink Clouds

One of my favorites.
I’ve been calling it “Inky Clouds” and it generates a lot of questions as to whether those flowers are Life Savers or not.
They were not intended as such, but if that’s what you see, go with it!

Ink Clouds

This was another piece created while the professor ignored me.
Maybe her ignoring me turned out to be a good thing after all.


This is a highly textured piece I did a while ago.
They’re supposed to be jellyfish.

Still not sure if it’s “finished”, though.


Little secret, the texture wasn’t achieved via paint.


Music in the Trees

Music in the Trees.
Or Analog Trees?

Music in the trees

Now, the following picture is the “before” picture.
Or maybe the “inspiration” or “jumping off point” for Music in the Trees.
A SUPER old drawing from my high school art class. A little history for ya. :)



Eesh. Those headphones are super high-tech, no?

TV wasteland

Hated this one.
This one was always in the back of the closet.
This was more or less something I did to keep me busy in a painting class I took because my professor ignored me.
My professor ignored me and I pretty much did what I wanted because she said I was “too advanced”.
I stopped going to class.



Since Husband has been playing ASSBRO nonstop, I’ve had some spare time to work on some of the things I’ve tactfully neglected to do. Aside from working on unpacking (from our September move!?), I’ve managed to squeeze in a little painting-photographing-and-uploading.

Girl with Feathers

It’s a girl.
With feathers.



After I finished this one, it dawned on me that it reminds me a lot of The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai.
That was not the intent, but I have always liked that painting, so I’ll just go with it.

It was actually meant to be the backdrop for a giant octopus sketch I did in my Moleskin.
I liked it so much, however, I didn’t want to risk messing it up with a monster…

Here is the reference drawing from the Moleskin.


Buns or hills?


To be honest, this was a painting that was supposed to be something else,
but I got to the point where I figured adding features might ruin the image.

Space Orbs

This painting, I’ve just called Orbs. Haven’t come up with a real title for it, but it has been compared to the Death Star.

They have also been described as “Death Stars”

UPDATE: As a special treat, I went back and scanned the original sketches these paintings were based off of.
Lucky You!


Personally, I like the original sketch, better.

First portrait…fail

My first painted “portrait” ever. This one was a “big fail” in my mind.
I guess I should have studied proportions a little more thoroughly.

First portrait... fail

I’m fine with the cleave, however.
It’s a nice cleave.

I’m gonna break stuff!

It was bound to happen. As soon as I get in the groove of posting semi-regularly, I want change!

As soon as I figure out how to backup my WP database, I’m going to be drastically changing with look and feel of this place.

This will likely mean that I’m gonna break stuff!

In the interim, if stuff doesn’t appear to be working, let me know!


(my street name)

Well you know my name is Simon, and I like to do draw-rings

I’m having my bath now! Every day at five, a lady comes and bathes me!

Don’t look at my bum!

I don’t look at your bum, bum-looker!

Cheeky monkey!


Would you like to see some of my draw-rings?

Here is a draw-ring I did of a lady. She’s not wearing much clothes!

Well, it’s itme to go, I’m starting to get prune hands!

I can’t do my draw-rings when I’ve got prune hands!

Pretty soon, Lumella, the lady who bathes me, is gonna come in and make sure I washed everywhere, especially my bits and pieces!

Cheeky monkey!

Alright, goodbye everybody, bye!


This one holds a special place in my heart.
It’s terrible.
One of the first acrylic paintings I’ve ever done.


I have many incarnations of this piece… a sketch I did in a spiral notebook (original),
then I made a piece out of it in a ceramics class in college.

I meant to post a scan + photo of the other incarnations… but I either misplaced them or was just too lazy to look somewhere other than my loft wall right next to my desk (where I have a lot of shit posted. (It’s like my Facebook wall, but REAL!!!!11!1one))


I came here to drink milk and kick ass…

I had to post this because I love The IT Crowd, and this scene is just the bees knees super hysterical


Now, if you haven’t seen the series, I recommend you do that right now. Go on, do it!
Before I start typing in all caps to convey how badly I feel you need to watch this.

You’re welcome.

SHORT stories: The Deep – PES

Saw this video and LOVED it. Combined my love of antiqued metal objects AND deep sea.

My mind has been blown! Such a creative use of everyday objects!

I want a motherfucking salad!

I saw this on and had to repost. It’s brilliant.

It’s called Women Laughing Alone with Salad!

Guess what it’s about! Common! GUESS!

Women… who are laughing alone… with salad!

Check it out and lol with me.


Last Saturday some friends invited me to go with them to tour the Franconia Brewing Company in McKinney, TX. I’ve been meaning to make a US-wide tour-de-beer, so no better place to start than right in my backyard!

I got lots of pics to share, so bare with me!


Brewmaster I The Brewmaster

Grist Case I

Brewery I

Masher II

Masher II

Tools of the trade

Masher III

Masher IV



Fermenter II

Fermenter III

Brewery II

Brewery IV



Brewery VIII

Fermenter V


(Want more? Many more pictures can be found on my Flickr!)

I was impressed with their process. It was a small facility, but they have a small operation. They don’t currently bottle their beers, and won’t unless they get a recycling program arranged with the vendors that request to sell their beer. They have made an effort to keep their operation as environmentally sound as possible (i.e. recycling hot water, only producing what’s ordered, taking what little waste they have to the recycling center themselves…).

Well done, guys!

On a side note, the Winter Wheat was phenomenal. I have had the regular wheat and dunkle beers, but this one was new to me. 9% alcohol content, too. Nom nom nom.

Wishful Thinking

My circadian rhythm is all sorts of messed up. Maybe it was the whole sleeping-in (every day of my month-long vacation) thing, coupled with the inconsistant feeding times, but the result is a really crappy first-day-back-at-work.

I’m also a little bitter that we hadn’t had any winter-like precipitation this whole holiday season! I suppose it’s better that way. If it so much as rains, the motorists around here forget how to drive (they’re not much better when it’s dry, either).

To cheer me up a little (or encourage me to feel a little less bitter), I’m posting some of last year’s frosty pictures.*  It’s nothing amazing, I’ll assure you. This is Dallas, after all.















* I said “last year” but since it IS past December 31st, it would qualify as year-before-last. Although that’s not right, either. We had snow last year and haven’t yet edited those photos. These are from 2008?**

** Checked the data. They’re from 3 years ago almost to the date. Metadata says January 5, 2008. Oh well, they were re-mastered today! THEY’RE NEW NOW, BITCHES!