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Last Saturday some friends invited me to go with them to tour the Franconia Brewing Company in McKinney, TX. I’ve been meaning to make a US-wide tour-de-beer, so no better place to start than right in my backyard!

I got lots of pics to share, so bare with me!


Brewmaster I The Brewmaster

Grist Case I

Brewery I

Masher II

Masher II

Tools of the trade

Masher III

Masher IV



Fermenter II

Fermenter III

Brewery II

Brewery IV



Brewery VIII

Fermenter V


(Want more? Many more pictures can be found on my Flickr!)

I was impressed with their process. It was a small facility, but they have a small operation. They don’t currently bottle their beers, and won’t unless they get a recycling program arranged with the vendors that request to sell their beer. They have made an effort to keep their operation as environmentally sound as possible (i.e. recycling hot water, only producing what’s ordered, taking what little waste they have to the recycling center themselves…).

Well done, guys!

On a side note, the Winter Wheat was phenomenal. I have had the regular wheat and dunkle beers, but this one was new to me. 9% alcohol content, too. Nom nom nom.