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New digs (pt. I)

Well, Husband and I have been settling into our new loft apartment. We’ve been here a little longer than I care to admit, and are slowly working on unpacking while stepping over piles of broken-down boxes (and using some as makeshift tables).

In moving in, we had a vague idea of what we wanted to accomplish with our space. Since it is a loft, we don’t have rooms per se, or even too many walls. We thus have to create “zones” in the large open spaces (whatever that means).  Super-supportive Husband has come to the conclusion that I should have a perfect work space first and foremost, and then a living area can be put on the back-burner (or eliminated altogether).

With the bookshelf, couch, and an array of desks, we managed to make a really snug area for both of us to work.

It’s messy.  So as soon as I muster up the courage (motivation) to actually straighten up, I will provide pictures.


UPDATE 3/10/11: Nope. No pictures, yet.