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Love Where You Live pt. I

Once upon an end-of-lease term, Beth had the bright idea that she would volunteer for the city she would soon be leaving.

She wished to accomplish a few goals:

  1. Give back to the community she was born and raised in (not court mandated, for once)
  2. Play with puppies EVERY DAY
  3. Bragging rights Personal enrichment

Well, I tried.

I did make it through 2 whole days of orientation before I just grew tired of it.

HOWEVER, during my interview to be accepted as a city volunteer, I did mention the whole “I [heart] photography” thing.  So now “unpaid photographer” is my unofficial volunteer status (as I was officially and permanently released from volunteering at the animal shelter due to non compliance with their minimum hour-per-month policy).

My first job was to shoot the Love Where You Live event hosted in a neighborhood they thought could use a little cosmetic makeover.

All in all, it was a pretty cool event. I actually enjoyed walking around with a camera while other people did the back-breaking manual labor.

Is that lazy? Oh, hell yes! But I think some of the workers were hamming it up for the camera, anyway.  Sittin’ there with their free water bottles waiting for the photographer to walk up.

Yeah, I know your game, college students.

In fact, I had little direction. Just show up at this time, and walk around. Not all homes were being “loved” upon, so it was my task to walk for hours until I saw a house with a little sign indicating that it was to have someone there at some point.

So that’s when I decided to just find a group of people and follow them around. They led me to the action.

Without further adieu, l’action:















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