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First, I got really excited; then really disappointed.

So, I *just* found out that Okami has a sequel coming out!

Why wasn’t I informed about this?

For those of you that have not yet played Okami, I strongly suggest you do so. You don’t even have to be a big video-game buff… you just have to like pretty things. ^_^

Go ahead. Watch the trailer. I’ll wait.

Not only is it a beautiful game, but you get a LOT of content for the price.  Seriously, there were times when I asked Husband (who played it before we met) if this plot arch was the last one.

That was mid-game.

I kept playing and playing… left it alone for a couple months (due to moving around, buying a new game or whatever my excuse was…) and was able to pick it right back up and love it even more!

It’s a piece of art.

ANYWAY, back to what I was saying… something along the lines of “OMGNEWOKAMIWOOOOO!!!!1111!1one”.

I recently saw the promotional poster for the new sequel Okamiden floating around the interwebs:


Part of the promotional campaign taking place in NYC

At first I was like d’awwww… then it clicked and I was all GOOOOOOOOOoooooosh!

What what WHAT!?

So, I did what any nerd would do in this situation. I Google’d it. What did I find out?

“It is being designed by Kuniomi Matsushita, the director of the Wii port of Ōkami…” blah blah blah “The Nintendo DS was chosen due to both it being the most successful platform of this generation as well as the touch screen being ideal for controlling the Celestial Brush.”

My heart sank. DS. While it is true, it would make drawing the symbols infinitely easier than say a PS2 controller or the Wiimote. That means I have to physically buy a new game gadget thingie. Do you know how many game gadget thingies we have? I already had a fair amount of game gadget thingies, but after moving in with, then Husband-To-Be, we have combined our awesomeness to over two 30-gallon-tubs!

Oh, and money. I need some of that stuff to buy a new game gadget thingie.

I still have a new PC to build.


At least I can play the original on two different platforms. BOO-YAH!